Wednesday, 19 March 2014

afternoon lights

I had some spare time on monday and the sun was still just peaking over the hills so i grabbed my mom's old rollerblades and my camera to get some fresh air and take a few pictures.

This spot is on my running route and somehow the sun always shines beautifully onto the fields and track, no matter what time of day it is. I am so glad i finally got to capture some of the beauty of this place as everytime i run past it i think to myself "you really should take some pictures here sometime", but i never did - until now that is. It is one of those places where i instantly feel calm and positive.

A few people ran or drove past me on their bikes when i was lying on the ground in the weirdest positions, trying to get the right angle to photograph some leaf or plant - they probably thought i was some kind of a lunatic but oh well.

While i don't always like living in my small town too much, i do love that it is so close to nature. I am literally 1 minute away from either a lake or a river with parks surrounding them so i can escape to get some space whenever i need to. The landscapes in the region i live in are just gorgeous in my opinion so when i am in nature it reminds me that living here isn't all too bad after all.

I hope you like the pictures. Do you have a safe spot like this in your natural surroundings too?


  1. ich liebe die natur :) super inspirierend :)

    1. ich auch, die besten ideen fallen mir eigentlich immer draussen ein :)