Saturday, 29 March 2014

Things i loved: March

I knew it had to happen one day: i crashed on my scooter. Thinking back to it now i honestly don't know why i decided not to take my usual route but i didn't, and i paid for it. Thankfully, there was no one driving on the other side of the road when i realised the turn was much sharper than i'd expected. The open wounds on my foot and knee are making it quite impossible to walk normally so for now, i'm stuck with crutches. Can't blame anyone but myself for it though and as it's just skin and flesh, it'll all be fine again in a few weeks time - except for some scars reminding me to drive more carefully.

I wanted to show you some clothes i got in an outfit post but my leg doesn't fit into anything other than leggings and tights at the moment so instead, i am going to talk about a few things i really enjoyed during the month of march. It feels crazy to me that the second term of the school year is already over - time really does fly by. March has been great, the weather's finally getting a bit warmer and i found the time to read and write more again, as well as spend more time outside with my friends. It is officially spring now, my favourite season of them all!

While berries aren't actually i season where i live yet, the ones you can get at the supermarket finally have some taste to them again. I know i probably shouldn't be eating them yet and buy more local produce but they're just so perfect with oatmeal or yoghurt in the morning! I'll be in absolute food heaven when strawberries and raspberries are in season here.

Benefit They're real! mascara
My mum got this for me a month or two ago and back then i didn't like it that much. I don't know why, but somehow my lashes just clumped together whenever i used this mascara. When i tried it again this month i absolutely fell in love with it: it gives volume and length at the same time without making your lashes look unnatural. I find that you do have to be careful not to put on too much of it, but applied correctly it really gives that false lash effect.

Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer in shade 03

I have quite a love-hate relationship with this product. When i was in Australia, this was far too oily for me with the humidity so i stopped using it and it has been sitting at the back of my makeup drawer since then. Recently, i've been getting quite a few dry patches on my skin, which my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua clings to like crazy. So i decided to give this a new try and remembered why i used to love it so much. The shade i have is a tad too dark for me and honestly doesn't match my undertones but seeing as it is so sheer i find it blends in very nicely anyways. This gives me a tiny bit of colour which i don't mind at all, evens out my skin tone to a degree i can work with and - most importantly - doesn't accentuate any dryness without being too greasy. I quite like the more radiant finish this gives me and while i do have to set it with a powder for it to last, it doesn't settle into any fine lines or fade in a weird way. If you want something that's going to stay put all day and give medium too full coverage, this probably isn't for you but if you prefer a sheerer finish and have combination to normal skin, this is quite a nice "foundation". I wouldn't say it is my favourite base ever but for now it works, and i'm glad i didn't have to go out and buy a whole new product.

Zara scarf

This scarf is another item i'd completely forgotten i loved so much. I found it at the back of my closet when i did some spring cleaning and have worn it almost every day since. It adds a nice pop of colour to my otherwise mostly neutral outfits and just brightens my day. The material is very light and flowy which i think is perfect for spring. Also it doesn't have that weird length where it's too short to wrap around your neck twice, but too long if you only wrap it around once - which i find to be a real problem with most scarves. I guess that means i don't have any real problems, if i worry about scarf lengths.

Ahh Game of Thrones. I watched the first season on dvd in less than a week, sometimes watching two or more episodes in one day. Then, of course i wanted to watch the second season but the streams online always took ages to load and i am not a patient person at all - so i didn't watch it at all. You probably can't count it as a march favourite as i only managed to sit down and wait for the first episode to load two days ago but i'm so obsessed i just had to put it in here. This might just be my favourite tv-show ever, after Gossip Girl. I was a bit skeptical whether i'd like the whole middle age thing, however, after one episode, i was hooked. You get attached to the main characters so easily and as there are so many different stories happening parallel to each other, it never gets boring. Seriously, if you watch one tv show this spring, let it be Game of Thrones.

I've been reading Elizabeth's blog for a bit over a month now and i honestly haven't found a post of hers i didn't enjoy. She writes a number of miscellaneous topics, covering fashion, beauty, food and just general life things. Her way of writing is so bubbly and charming, you can't help but not like her (or at least i think so). She is one of those bloggers where I want to read her posts, no matter if what they're about appeals to me or not, just because i love her way of writing. Please make sure to check her out!

I do have on last favourite this month: the sun! It is amazing to actually feel the warmth of the sun rays on your skin instead of just knowing it's somewhere behind the clouds. Not only is it much nicer to not be freezing when you step outside but people are also much more positive and downright happy when winter finally seems to have passed. Let's hope it stays this way for a little longer!

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