Tuesday, 11 February 2014

still i'd rather be working for something than praying for the rain

I stayed home sick today as i was feeling really weak this morning and my coughing was even worse than yesterday. As i already felt much better by noon, i had the time to play around a bit with my new lens - the two selfies are the result. I can't wait to take pictures of someone else with it as it is a bit difficult to adjust the manual focus on myself as well as think about the aperture.

The book you can see on the third picture is my Q&A 5-year-journal. Basically there's 365 pages with a question for each day, which you should then answer every day for 5 years. This far i've been quite good at doing so and haven't skipped a single day - i really hope i follow through with it as it would be so interesting to see how my answers change over the course of a few years.
Not only do i love the concept, it's also just so pretty to look at! If you're interested, you can get it at amazon.

I honestly don't know what i would be doing without my kindle. Since i got it 2 years ago i've been reading much more than before as it cuts out the step of having to either wait for your book to arrive or go to an actual store and buy one. It also makes english books far more easily accessible to me, seeing that most book stores near me don't really carry that many. While i still love the way an actual book feels and smells (yes i am one of those book-smell-lovers), the size of the kindle simply makes it easier to carry around and actually read in - no weird turning around in your bed trying to find a comfortable position to read a 500-page book.

Currently i'm reading (or rather i've just started) 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey. It is supposed to be a manual for performing better in your personal and professional life.
 So far i absolutely love it and i can clearly see why it is such a bestseller. I rarely read books that are non-fictional or at least tell a story but this one already has me sucked in. I might give you a short review once (or if) i've finished it.

Basically i just wanted to show you a few thing i'm really liking at the moment - this song is one of my absolute favourites. It's one of those songs that i listen to on repeat for a while, forget about it but somehow i keep coming back to it and every single time i realize once again how amazing it actually is.

We Don't Eat - James Vincent McMorrow
(Higher Love is also pretty great)

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