Saturday, 15 February 2014



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Recently, i've found myself thinking more and more about spring clothes - which is not very fitting, seeing that i'm living for Serfaus to go skiing tomorrow. But the weather has simply been so awful for the last week or so that i can't help but dream of the sunny days that will hopefully come soon enough. Seriously guys, this rain is making me depressed. It's just been pouring and pouring, you'd think there'd be no rain left by now!

I've always loved the Boyfriend jeans look, however i was too afraid i wouldn't be able to pull it of to actually buy a pair. Also, the ones i've tried on never really seemed to fight right,mostly they just hung off me like a sack - not very flattering. I am determined though to find a pair this year - and to actually wear it. Wearing the same old super-skinny jeans day in day is getting kinda boring so i'm trying to be a bit more experimental in the pants department this spring. we'll see how that goes.

Chucks. What can i say, they're probably my favourite shoes ever and i basically live in them during the spring and summer time. My white pair from last year is still looking surprisingly good so i'm thinking of getting coloured low-top ones for a bit of a change. And how gorgeous is that pinky-coral shade.

One thing i'm seriously looking forward to is not having to wear my super thick coat anymore. While i do love my Zara coat to pieces, i can't wait to wear my leather jacket again - or simply just a sweatshirt like the one on the picture. I know, i know, it's only february- but a girl can dream right?

Another thing i can't wait to wear more of again are colourful clothes. I know i could be wearing colours at the moment but during the fall and especially the winter i find myself gravitating more towards dark, warm colours that make me feel all cozy. Light, flowy tops and bright accessories just scream spring to me!

I've fallen in love with this Staring at Stars dress from urbanoutfitters, and i might just get it as it's on sale right now even if i'll probably only be able to wear it in like 4 months time.

What are your favourite spring clothing items?

This will probably be the last post for a week as i'm going snowboarding with my family. Skiing holidays are like my favourite holidays of the year so i'm super excited!

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