Monday, 28 October 2013

bittersweet things & over-indulgence

Remember when I made that banana bread granola and didn't really like it at first? Well I ended up actually falling in love with it and putting it on everything.

This however is a whole new level of obsession. All i want to do is just eat this with a huge spoon. No milk. No yoghurt. Only bittersweet cocoa-hazelnut-coconut goodness with a hint of salt. so so so good.

I wasn't to impressed the first time I mixed it in with yoghurt as the flavours didn't really come through. Then i took one spoonful just like that and I was smitten. I believe the banana bread granola was a bit too sweet for my taste, but this - perfection.
I did add a bit more salt than is indicated in the recipe- which makes it even more special in my opinion. 
Can I emphasize even more how delicious this is?

I have to admit, this picture looks everything but appetizing. I'm sorry! It was already 7 o'clock, the lighting was bad and i honestly couldn't be bothered to find a different setting, i was soo hungry.
Just believe me that this was absolutely delicious! What is it? Eggplant with a chestnut puree and field salad, out of a Tim Mälzer cookbook.
It took my brother, my dad and me more than 3 hours to prepare the whole menu, which was so worth it in the end. 
The eggplant was for once not swimming in olive oil and garlic-even my dad had to admit it's better this way. The chestnut puree was quite a bit of work, as you had to roast and peel them first, but again-definitely worth the effort. It worked so well with the eggplant and the salad just added a bit of freshness

The main course were these chicken gyros with the homemade pita bread from the same site.
The chicken was juice and flavoursome, the bread soft but not bland and tzatziki added another level of deliciousness to this dish. We all absolutely loved it! probably one of my favourite things I've eaten so far,ever.

Although we were already stuffed after the first to courses, I still mad this apple crumble for dessert. In hindsight, more apple and less crumble would've probably been better, but it was delicious nevertheless!

I always thought, homemade bread would never be able to compete with that from a bakery, but boy was I wrong. Except for all the time it needs to rise, it's so easy to make and will definitely get you a lot of praise if you serve it to guests. In my opinion, nothing compares too an oven-warm loaf of bread!

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