Wednesday, 30 October 2013

and if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones

Having lived in a country where "cold'' means anything below 15 degrees and autumn nothing but having to waer a wetsuit to go fir a surf, I thought my love for autumn had vanished.
My body had gotten so used to the warmth,i immediately got a cold on the first day wearing only leggings and a light sweater wasn't an option anymore. While others were running around in their leather jackets,i had my winter coat on.

Surprisingly enough,when temperatures really dropped,i was the one not cold. I believe I was so preoccupied with wanting to be back in Australia, I failed to notice the beauty of my own country.
All of a sudden, the things I've always loved about autumn were so obvious again.
When you can feel the chill so you pull your jacket tight around yourself. Warm sun rays enlighten everything around you,the leaves seem even more colorful and the breeze suddenly isn't as cold anymore. You can't help but smile, bursting of sheer joy. How could you not notice the beauty of your surroundings?
Breathing in the crisp autumn air,all your worries seem so ridiculously small now.You feel alive.

When rain drops seem to be beating down the roof of your house,so loud the world outside your window doesn't seem to exist anymore. A cup of tea in one hand,a book in the other. Snuggled under your blanket, nothing else matters anymore, it's just you and your book. You feel secure.


  1. love readings your texts :) may i ask you in which country you are actually? :)
    xx pia

    1. Thank you!
      I'm from Luxembourg:)

      xx Lisa

  2. Hey Lisa :)
    What laguage are you speaking most the time?
    Great post :)

    xx, Adele ♥

    take a look:

    1. my mother tongue is Luxembourgish :)
      thank you!

      xx Lisa