Saturday, 12 October 2013


About two weeks ago I had a bit of spare time while waiting for the boyfriend in the city, so I went into Paris 8.
I was initially looking for the Healthy Mix foundation, but they didn't have it. As i was already standing at the Bourjois counter I looked at what other things they had and picked up these two products.
Bourjois healthy balance powder in 53 light beige

I kinda bought this on a whim because none of my other powders really fit my skin tone anymore,however I actually ended up really liking it! Unlike the Maybelline 24hr powder I have, this one doesn't look cakey at all while still being quite mattifying. It doesn't offer too much coverage which is exactely what I wanted,so I can wear it on too of foundation,or on school days where I still want to have a tiny bit of make up in my face.

Bourjois bronzing primer

This was an impulse buy,I didn't even think I would like it that much but omg I freaking love this! I have to admit that the colour looks quite scary,but when you blend it out it just turns into this really nice bit of tan. I love that it's mattifying,so  you don't have to wear powder on top of it if you don't want to. I don't wear make up to school, so I find this makes me look a tad more awake and healthy and it literally takes 15 seconds to apply!

School's absolutely crazy at the moment, we have so much homework every single day and with piano,dancing and going to the gym I can't find a minute of free time on most days. Last week was horrible,I felt like i was under such huge pressure and everything was just so overwhelming. I think I just needed some time to get used to the luxembourgish school system again - it is quite different to Australia after all.

Anyways,I wish you all a great weekend and I'll try to post more next week!


  1. I always wanted to try this cream bronzer but unfortunately bourjois isn't available in germany!

    1. I know,it's such a shame! If you get a chance you should definitely try it though.

      xx Lisa