Saturday, 5 October 2013

food is taking over my life

The amount of time i spend thinkng about food is just plain ridiculous. I am constantly planning when I'll be able to cook or bake something next,and on days when i m going to be trying out new recipes,that's all I'm looking forward to.   
I basically plan my days around my meals.
As I'm still going to school though, my time to cook is limited to weekday evenings and the weekend. which doesn't go along with the fact that I don't like eating much for dinner. This is also why the dinner pictures are taken in pretty bad lighting-or there's simply no pictures at all.
Last week,on monday,I made this recipe for vegetables and chicken in peanut sauce. It was really fast and easy to make and so freaking delicious. Definitely a winner!

This monday,I cooked chicken enchilada stuffed peppers,which were pretty good but took way too long to make in my opinion. The fact that you can't buy cooked chicken or enchilada sauce in Luxembourg was quite annoying,it would have been much easier if you could buy these two things in store. Even though I love spicy food,I found these to be too hot.other than that,they were quite tasty,just not something I'd make again.

I love having porridge for breakfast,as it's so filling,healthy and still tastes like a treat! For this version I used:
-1/2 mango
-~100gr oats
-some oat bran
- ~150 ml almond milk
-some low fat yoghurt 
-chopped almonds

I topped it with a smoothis made out if 1/2 banana and 1/2 mango,to which i added some cinnamon. This was such a delicious breakfast!

I've always wanted to try making homemade granola so I made this banana walnut version.
The whole house smelled like banana bread when this was in the oven-amazing!
It is quite nice,however I wish I'd simply stuck with the original recipe-I left out the brown sugar and only used about half the amount of oats,simply because I didn't have any more. I also kind of just put as much oil and bananas in as I thought would be good. 
It turned out to be a bit bland and not as crunchy as I'd liked it to be-probably the missing sugar. Definitely a lesson learned,I'll stick to the original recipe next time i try out something new. 

These are basically peanut butter cups in cupcake
It's been quite a while since I've baked something like this,where I didn't even try to make it a bit more healthy by substituting butter for oil and reducing the sugar. So putting so many unhealthy things into a dough was quite the challenge. I made these for one of my best friend's birthday and everybody absolutely loved them!

After having quesadillas,champagne and one of these cupcakes for dinner the night before I felt like a smoothie would be the perfect lunch. And I was right!
I put 1/2 avocado,1 banana,a handful of each raspberries and blueberries,2 tablespoons yoghurt and 3 teaspoons oats in this one and it tasted amazing!
I'm so glad my stepdad bought chopped hazelnuts by accident instead of almonds-I've become kind of obsessed with them.
Do you like these kind of posts or would you prefer more in-depth posts about only one recipe at a time?

I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Really cool Post, i like it! And it all looks so great, now I'm hungry. :D

    xoxx, Sabrina.

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, those cupcakes were irresistible, I even had one for lunch once ;)

      xx Lisa