Friday, 13 September 2013


various valleys in cappadocia

this guy followed us for a whole day

view from our first camp site

taurus mountains

finally - the ocean

mosques in Istanbul

egyptian spice market

Just a few of over a thousand pictures i took on our trip to turkey. So the amount of pictures i took is thenreason why it's taken me so long to upload this post - do you know how tiring it is to look through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of rocks that somehow all look the same? 
I always seem to end up with a ton of photos from a holiday that look soo much alike, yet aren't exactely the same, so then i sit there trying to figure out which ones i should even bother with editing. These are the life changing decisions!

Now back to what is post is supposed to be about: my trekking holidays in Turkey.
This trip is up there with Australia and Berlin as my third-favourite holiday ever! It was just simply amazing, we saw so many different, incredibly beautiful landscapes, enjoyed a lot of sun and I can't even begin to tell you about the food! 
I mean you have to understand that i'm obsessed with food. I spend probably at least 2 hours every day looking at recipes, thinking about what recipes I should cook next and, most importantly, when am i going to eat next? 
So food for me is a pretty important part of a culture and in my opinion, it tells you a lot about the way the people are in that country.
Turkish people eat a lot of meat and they drink a shit ton of black tea! Like i had about 5 cups of tea per day during the first week until I got sick of it. They also don't really seem to know that you can actually just eat a main course for lunch instead of salad, soup, bread, main course, dessert, tea.
As we did walk quite a lot, it was probably for the better that we got to eat so many different courses. Which was mainly my excuse to eat everything that was on my plate while others only ate half of it, i need the energy,ok?
Those were the only (somewhat) downsides for me about turkish food though, while the meals we had almost always consisted of meat and vegetables, the spices and the technique they used to cook them made everything different. There was so much flavour in every single dish, no way to leave anything on the plate(well for me at least)!
I did miss one thing htough: pasta. So much that I had it 5 times in the first 3 days after we got back.

What i loved most about trip is that we got to visit so many parts of turkey instead of just the mountains or the seaside. I am really glad though that we never walked for too long on the seaside, it was soo incredibly hot and humid! 
Overall, these where one of the best holidays i've had so far!

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