Sunday, 8 September 2013

Black is a colour

Blouse Minkpink / Skirt H&M / Boots Mjus / Bracelet Present / Bag Handmade, from Antalya / Lipstick L'oréal rouge caresse in Rock'n Mauve

I went to the annual wine festival held about 30 minutes from where I live yesterday evening, and I really wanted to wear my black skater skirt, after two weeks of practically living in hiking clothes.

However, the weather has changed quite drastically in the last few days, and it does get quite chilly in the evenings now (is summer really already over?). I took this as an opportunity to pull out my beloved black booties from last winter, which I haven't worn in over 8 months.

I love the black sheer blouse in combination with the skirt, even if I exchanged it for a sweater just before I left (thank god, I would have been freezing).
The (kinda)bright lipstick was an attempt to bring some colour into my otherwise completely black outfit. I just love that shade of purple!
My obsession with lipstick continues to grow - 6 months ago I didn't even own a single lipstick and now I just keep on buying new shades.

I got the bag in a tiny shop in Antalya, and I just love the fact that it's handmade, so I'm sure to never see anybody with the same handbag as me. Also, it's just the perfect size to me, it fits everything I need on a regular basis without being huge.

I'm off to the movies now to see the One Direction movie (just one of my maany guilty pleasures). next week is already the last week before school starts again and while I'm (somewhat) excited for the new school year and all the changes it brings, I just can't get over the fact that this perfect summer is coming to an end (flames to dust, lovers to friends,...).

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