Monday, 16 September 2013

Cologne Haul

It's become like a family tradition to go to Cologne in the fall to do some shopping. Every single year, my brother joins us, and every single time he seems to forget that we're there to go shopping, so he gets annoyed after we've only been to like 3-4 shops. It's alright though cause we split up after a few shops anyways, noticing it just takes far too long if we stay together so my brother goes with my stepdad and everything's fine.
I love shopping in Germany, the people in the shops are so much friendlier than in Luxembourg and the shops in general are much more up my alley.

Jeans - Cheap Monday

The first shop I go to whenever I'm in Cologne, without a failure, is always Weekday. First of all, they carry Cheap Monday jeans, which are basically one of the only two brands of Jeans I ever wear. I already have two black pairs and a dark blue one so this time I opted for a dark grey pair. I just freaking love the way these fit, they're high waisted,skin tight, and with the different lengths never too long or short.

Knit Sweater - MTWTFSS Weekday

The second thing I bought at Weekday was a dark purple, chunky knit sweater. Because I went on my exchange to Australia last January, I didn't buy many sweaters last winter (trying to save money), so now I definitely need a few new ones. This one is pretty long and very loose so it'll look great with leggings or skinny jeans.
I'm sure I could've bought more in that shop, but the interior design, depressing music(in my opinion) and the way it is set up overwhelms me every time and I end up leaving before I've even looked through everything. I really wish they had less clothes in there or displayed them differently.

Boots - Vagabond

One thing I definitely wanted to buy in Cologne were some fall booties and i immediately fell in love with these ones! As they have a small heel, I wasn't completely sure whether or not I should buy them as my staple fall boots, but I'm so glad I did! Because of the platform, they're extremely comfortable and the chunky heel just adds something a bit different to every outfit.

Next we went to Peek & Cloppenburg, which is a huge store that carries a ton of different brands.
It's always an issue for me to find a winter coat that i actually like: too long, too short, too wide, too much fur, or the wrong shade of khaki- I always seem to find something I don't like about it. This time though, I found a coat I really liked after only 5 minutes - you should've seen the look on my mother's face.
I initially wanted a parka or a woolen coat - well, this is neither. It's a weird hybrid of a leather jacket, a parka and sheepskin, and probably not everyone's cup of tea but I really like the way it looks, it's not too sporty, still casual.

Backpack - Bellfield

When we were going towards the cashier's to pay for my jacket, I saw this backpack and thought it'd be perfect for school! The pattern on the front pocket is just soo cute and this will be a nice change on those days were I don't feel like carrying a bag.

I saw this little boutique called Kauf Dich Glücklich at the very beginning of our trip and I simply had to go in because of the name. It literally means buy yourself happy - how adorable is that?
They have the cutest clothes ever, i only wish they were a bit cheaper so I could've bought more.
The one thing I bought was this dark grey/black cardigan, I just fell in love withe way this looks on. I'll definitely do an Outfit of the Day with this soon!
You should definitely check out their online shop if you live in Europe.

I am so happy with everything I got and I'm sure I'll be wearing some of these pieces religiously.

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