Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back To School

Cardigan - Kauf Dich Glücklich/Bouse - Minkpink/Leggings - Zara/Shoes - Converse/ Bracelet - Gift from Cuba/ Necklace - Thomas Sabo

School started again today. As if to underline the way most of us probably felt about that, the weather was pretty depressing itself. What the hell is going on? It went from 30 to 15°C in no time and now it feels pretty much like winter's just around the corner. Sebtember's supposed to be fall, goddamnit.

Well, enough about the weather, this is what i wore today. It's still just warm enough to be able to wear this cardigan as a jacket, so I had to take advantage of it. Who knows how long it's gonn...I really should stop talking about the weather.

I'm freaking obsessed with this jacket, it's long, cozy, keeps you warmer than it might look like and I think it adds a bit of edge to the outfit.
I wanted the cardigan to really be the focus of the outfit, so I kept the rest pretty simple with an all-black ensemble. Too get some lighter colour into the outfit, I wore my white converse, which are my absolute favourite sneakers.
The jewellery's basically what i wear everyday.

School was much better than I'd expected, my class isn't far as horrible as I thought, they all seem to be pretty nice. We also got the Biology and Physics teachers I wanted and I couldn't have been more happy. They are seriously amazing, they're the kind of teachers that can really get you excited for a subject. I don't know many of my teachers so we'll see how that goes, but so far they seem to be alright.

I wasn't glad for school to start again at all this year. Only two of my best friends are in the same class as me and I'm scared what's gonna happen two my group of friends - we've never not been in the same class. also, I basically chose the most difficult section, so i'll have to make a big effort to keep up to my own expectations.
But even after only one day of school, I can feel myself getting really excited for the new school year. It might seem crazy but i actually do enjoy going to school - i love learning new things, and I think I actually missed subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and German while i was in Australia. This enthusiasm is definitely not gonna last but for now it's there, and that's all that counts hey?
Before you think I'm a complete nerd I'lll probably better shut up. Don't worry, I can guarantee you that in less than a month my motivation will be loong gone.

I also had my first piano lesson in 9 months today, I missed this so much! So looking forward to having Jazz Dance practice again from tomorrow on.

Although I know that we in Luxembourg are pretty much the last students in the northern hemisphere to be starting school again I still hope you had a nice first day at school - as nice as that can be at least.

P.S. I have no bloody idea what's going on with my camera - sometimes the quality is pretty good and then others it's just crap. I have no idea why this happens but I might have to wish for a new one for my Birthday/Christmas - even though I really like this one.


  1. Tolles Outfit, vor allem die Accessoires finde ich sehr schön dazu. :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke, die Kette trage ich eigentlich fast jeden Tag, ist sozusagen mein Glücksbringer :)

      xx Lisa