Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beauty Haul

I got quite a few beauty related items lately so i just thought i'd show them to you guys and also tell you what i think of them so far. Here we go!

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, 12€

You can't even believe how excited i was when i went into this small makeup store in Madrid and saw that they had Real Techniques. They're brushes have been all over youtube and the blogging world for ages and everyone seems to be loving them so i really wanted to try them out. Unfortunately they didn't have the buffing brush which i was most exited about but i got the Expert Face Brush instead and so far, i'm really impressed. It applies my foundation beautifully and doesn't leave any streaks, unlike the foundation brush i used like 2 years ago which completely put me off foundation brushes - until now. Seriously recommend it if you can get your hands on it!

2. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20, 18€ for 9ml

Another product i've wanted to try out for a while which you can't get anywhere near where i live was the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I've read rave reviews on numerous blogs so i thought it must be good. So far i can't really say i love it, even if it's a good concealer. I find it accentuates my dry patches more than i'd like it too but the staying power is quite amazing. However, to me that's not actually a good thing as my foundation doesn't stay put as well so i'm just left with patches of concealer all over my face which become pretty visible. I don't think i am going to be repurchasing this.

3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji 41€ for 30ml

I really need to start buying the shade lighter than the one i think fits my skin in store when it comes to foundations. Fidji looked like the perfect match in Sephora but in daylight and even just in my bathroom mirror it really is quite a bit too dark for me. However, i absolutely love the finish and the way it feels on the skin, it's dewy without looking shiny or greasy, kind of velvety. I also like that it doesn't really feel or look too much like makeup on the skin cause if there's one thing i hate about foundations, it's when it's easily visible you're wearing them. The staying power isn't extraordinary but it fades very nicely without looking patchy. Such a shame it's too dark for me right now, and so expensive too!

4. Smashbox Photofinish light, 13€ for 12ml

When i bought this primer i really expected it to be amazing as i'd seen so many youtubers, especially missglamorazzi, talk and rave about it. This however didn't work for me at all when i tried it out, my makeup got patchy way more easily than when i didn't wear any primer underneath it. It might have ben cause my skin was a bit on the dry side at that time so i'll give it another try sometime. So far though, i really don't think it's worth the price.

5. NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler and Tiramisu, 5 € each

For the longest time, i've absolutely despised lip glosses - i associated them with being sticky and just looking unnatural. These, however, have me converted.
They feel extremely soft and creamy on the lips and give them a nice tint with a subtle shine to them which - thankfully - doesn't have any glitter to it. And oh my, do they smell delicious!
For that price, i think you really can't go wrong with these. I'll definitely have to pick up a few more shades!

6. The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, 15€ for 200ml 

On the flight to Madrid, the whole bottle of makeup remover for my face i had with me emptied into my suitcase. As the inside of my cosmetics bag is red (or was, i finally got myself to buy a new one), it stained a few of my lighter tops. Yay!
I used my eye makeup remover for my whole face for a few days but that was just way to oily so i went ahead and bought this cleansing oil from The Body Shop which i'd been eyeing for a while. I find the whole cleansing balm/oil thing really intriguing, especially as i have combination skin which gravitates more towards the drier side from time to time. 
While it is a bit pricier than my usual drugstore makeup remover it is so worth the money! This makes taking your makeup off at night feel like a treatment, it smells divine and leaves your skin feeling clean without the tight feelig i get from most cleansers. Love love love this! 
I recommend it to anyone as the oil really doesn't leave any residue on the skin but just helps keeping it moisturized.

These were all the things i bought, i hope you like these kind of mini reviews.



  1. oh die nars foundation muss toll sein!

    1. die ist der absolute Hammer, aber die Farbe ist einfach viel zu dunkel für mich jetzt gerade :( Im Sommer wird die bestimmt wieder herausgekramt!