Saturday, 9 November 2013

Zweibrücken - The Fashion Outlets

 Chocolates - Lindt
Vitamin E face mask, Aloe face wash, facial brush - The Body Shop 
 Shorts & Sweatpants - Nike
Top, Skirt & Cardigan - All Saints

We went to this huge fashion outlet in Zweibrücken last saturday and i was amazed at how reduced the prices actually were! I did get quite a lot of things that I'm pretty excited about,so i thought I'd share with you what i bought.

The first store we went to was nike. I've always wanted a pair of those running shorts that are not too short but always found them to be too expensive-not an issue here. Usually sports shorts tend to be really short on me,not these ones!they're just the perfect length.
Same thing goes for jogging pants; the ones you find at h&m or similar shops are never long enough for my legs. These were reduced to 17€ - such a bargain!

All Saint was probably the brand I was most excited about,and rightly so. The clothes there were already extremely cheap compared to what you'd normally have to pay and they had an extra 30% on everything. I love love love the three things i got!

The Lindt store was absolutely crazy. So many different kinds of chocolat, i was in paradise.
I initially had about 10 different chocolates in my arms but ended up "only" buying these 4. Lindt is the best chocolate in my opinion, if you want something a bit more special. So freaking delicious!

I went into The Body Shop with the intention of buying a Christmas gift for my stepsister - and left with three skincare things for myself i didn't actually need. This seems to always happen when i enter any kind of body & skincare or makeup related shop. I do like the three products i got but don't find them to be mind blowing

Overall, I can only recommend this outlet,they have stores of all different price ranges and I do believe there's something for everyone!

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