Wednesday, 20 November 2013

the good and the bad

most of the time, i am extremely motivated about eating healthy. I love putting things into my body, knowing they're actually gonna nourish me and are not just a whole bunch of empty calories. 
However, I have an insane sweet tooth. This might have something to do with the fact that I basically grew up in a bakery, but when you put a piece of cake in front of me, i will devour it. There's no way around it, I just can't resist baked goods once they're on my plate.
so i don't think I need to say that I love baking. there's just something so incredibly comforting about exactly measuring out the ingredients, kneading dough and smelling things baking in the oven. While i tend to shy away from lunch or dinner recipes that take a lot of time, i don't mind spending 4 hours in the kitchen to make cinnamon rolls.

this quinoa salad was divine, and so easy too! the roasted tomatoes and feta give this dish so much flavour, and it's definitely cured me from my fear of cooking quinoa. I have no idea why, but somehow, everything I'd cooked before this recipe that included quinoa just didn't turn out right. 
this salad is made of only a few, simple ingredients, but they work extremely well together - another proof that it's not about a lot of "special" ingredients to taste great. Of course, extravagant dishes have their appeal too, but sometimes some vegetables, quinoa, garlic and cheese is all you need for a very flavoursome meal.

Oh my, these cookies were heavenly. Dark chocolate with that hint of salt to counteract the sweetness- so freaking delicious. To me, these taste like brownies in a cookie form - and who doesn't love brownies? They still tasted amazing the second day, and were gone by the third (oops).

It is no coincidence that both of these recipes are from Annie's Eats; her recipes are just extremely good. Every single thing I've made from her site so far turned out be one of my favourite things i'd eaten so far. Her recipes don't often call for fancy ingredients and are mostly pretty easy to put together. Compliments to the people who developed the way the website functions- the "cook view" is extremely practical, which makes her recipes even easier to make.
Whenever I am looking for a simple, great tasting recipe, her blog is the first place I go to. Definitely go check her out!

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