Wednesday, 16 October 2013

comfort food

Last week's weather was miserable; cold and rainy. I don't know about you, but during fall, I won't go for the quinoa salad or well...any salad whatsoever. I crave warm, doughy things, preferably with lots of butter and/or cinnamon. and what's better than cuddling up on the couch with a hot drink and a book when it looks like the world is going to end outside?

This is probably the "unhealthiest" meal I've made so far for dinner on mondays, but oh my was it good. Brown butter basically makes anything more tasty, and if you add toasted gnocchi and corn to the equation, you've totally got me. It was so easy to make too, the corn took a bit of time to grill but you don't have to stay in the kitchen waiting. brown some butter, cook the gnocchis, throw it all together - you're done. This was a real success with my family, as even my brother took seconds and thirds. That boy usually doesn't like anything I cook, but he loved this recipe.

Yes, I now, this is just normal coffee. It just didn't look as cool anymore mixed with the homemade caramel chai I poured over it. Apart from the caramel, this was very easy to make, and sooo delicious! It was creamy, sweet, spicy, and went perfect with the coffee.

I have fallen in love with cinnamon rolls. How could I not, as they have cinnamon and a soft, lightly sweetened dough. Even though I really tried to talk myself into trying something new (these donuts, cookies, carrot cake,...), all I wanted to make last week were cinnamon rolls.
Chocolate and almond butter are right up ther with cinnamon for me (ok, almost) so these cinnamon rolls were basically screaming my name.
The dough was much easier to make than the one from the last cinnamon rolls I made, and on request of my family, I made them quite a lot smaller. Which is why I ended up with 21 rolls - we now have 12 frozen cinnamon rolls in the freezer, only waiting to be pulled out and baked whenever I'm craving some again. Only about a month ago, I was making fun of my mum for freezing everything, and now I do the exact same thing!
The rolls were amazing, not to sweet but still indulgent. however, the dough from the other recipe was a bit softer and more fluffy. Although,if you consider the time and effort it took to make that one compared to this time, these turned out pretty great. I had two on sunday, together with the caramel chai - perfection.

Do you like your cinnamon rolls the classic way - or with more extravagant fillings?


  1. Looks great! :) Liebst, Chiara von