Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekend Moments

This weekend was a pretty lazy one, yet not boring - just the way I like it. Although I didn't have anything planned, I ended up spending quite a bit of time outside and didn't get much sleep at all.

On the first and last two pictures, you can see my cat Minka. She practically lives on my bed, which I just love as it makes me feel less alone. Not that I mind being alone, it's simply nice to have some kind of company.
I thought she just looked too cute laying on my bed so i quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots before she got annoyed at the noise of the camera and jumped off the bed.

Yesterday morning, my friends and I went to the lake that's close to my town to watch the people participating in The Color Run. As much as they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, nothing in the world could get me to pay 35 bucks to run 5k. It was a beautiful morning, chilly but not too cold and it felt so good to be out in the sun!

I was already laying in bed at 9 pm yesterday when I suddenly decided that I wanted to go to a party a few friends of mine had organized - just in time, as my friends were about to drive there when I texted them. So I got ready in under 10 minutes and ended up only sleeping for 4 hours last night - quite a contrast to what I had originally planned. Well I suppose there goes my chance of not already being extremely tired at the start of the week!
It was totally worth it though, i got to see some people I haven't actually talked to in quite a while. And I mean, there's nothing bad about free drinks hey?

Days like these are one of the reasons why I've always loved fall. Contrary to summer, I don't feel obligated to have a ton of things planned and the crisp air is so much more agreeable than the summer heat!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and feel more rested than I do.


  1. nice pic's :-) and a great blog-header !

  2. Thank you, i love her <3
    xx Lisa

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  4. In English :D
    beautful pictures ! Love it ♥

    1. Thank you, it was a beautiful weekend too :)

      xx Lisa

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