Wednesday, 13 August 2014

shades of red

When you take a look around my room, the predominant colour you see is red. Red walls, red carpet, red closet and (depending on the week) red sheets. You'd think the owner of the room must really like the colour red, yet I don't.
I don't own a single red clothing item and I never buy anything red if there are other options (except if that option is orange. I really hate orange.).
While I don't appreciate the look of red, I can't deny the feeling of comfort it gives a room. I feel instantly calmer once I step into my bedroom and I give the dark red walls credit for that.

These are just a few snapshots I took over the past few weeks and quite liked. The jar on the last picture is filled with strawberry chia seed jam, which I really suggest you try, such an easy and natural way to create marmalade (I used this recipe).

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